Grant Assignment​


Quote from client: “Tegra has in all aspect of the collaboration met and exceeded the expectation and professionally guided us through choosing the right grants and the complex application process resulting in a 100% hit rate on the applications that has been sent out.”

Tegra´s key of success is a constant close client cooperation where mutual feedback always is encouraged. One great case led to a multi grant funding (four approved applications) to a company!

After a few fruitful face to face meeting the client decided to go for Tegra´s recommendation of well suited grants. All with different project purposes including “prefunding”, meaning a financial contribution from a national authority to use for professional support. In this case Tegra´s consultants.

The process continued with “cultivation” of existing business and project input from the client combined with research from Tegra, which formed the application. Brief discussions and reviews was executed regularly. After 6-8 weeks of hard effort by optimizing all findings including final reviews, the applications were submitted.

After some weeks authority decisions arrived with positive outcomes, resulting in major financial contribution to Tegra´s client.

Test & Quality Engineering​


A Swedish company had the need of an additional resource to their quality department. After an internal search, Tegra responded with the CV of a matching professional that was assigned after a thoroughly interview. In this case Tegra´s test engineer was directly managed by the client.

The over-all aim of the assignment was to improve the quality of an existing product range in order to expand to a broader market. This was accomplished by:

  • Review and update of existing requirements including test specifications to ensure relevance and enabling a good control and capture of the testing.

  • Improve existing test methods and develop new ones where needed to better match the updated requirements.

  • Planning and executing of relevant tests (including ordering of test items) on the existing range for base-lining.

  • Follow-up, presenting and analyzing test results together with responsible designers and technicians for conclusion in regard to applicable design updates.

Support in Social Media Analysis


A global leader in its niche, situated in Scandinavia contracted Tegra to support in the preparation of “Social Media Performance Analysis” to a set of major companies from e.g. the Fortune 500 list.

The analysis was based on data gathered through different social media tools and attributes as appointed by the client. By comparing the achieved global data, social media communication etc. with competitor performance, company improvement areas were uncovered.

The work was summarized in reports by Tegra provided to the client and then further distributed to the concerned companies. With the purpose of shaping the companies´ social media communication strategy and improving its performance compared to key rivals.

This project required deep understanding of the companies’ objectives, attribute framework and high-profile data analyzing skills. The work by Tegra was executed via provided guidelines, preferences and close communication with the client.

Grant Assignment


Quote Client CEO: "”We have been very pleased with Tegra’s drive and acumen in helping us with this application. Furthermore, Tegra has helped us also in understanding how to best perform interviews and presentations after the application was submitted. Tegra has acted very professional throughout the whole process.”

Tegra was contact by a Swedish company that was pursuing a new product range with a new cutting-edge technology developed in–house but advancing it to market was associated with very large costs. After receiving relevant background information of the project including budget Tegra executed a Grant search and match and found that best alternative to be Grant from the Swedish Innovation agency Vinnova.

Then Tegra started to draft the Grant proposal including market research and project planning in cooperation with the client. Besides questions and controls, two reviews of the proposal were carried out by the client. One intermediate and one final. Tegra, then also supported in setting up accounts and submission.

A positive answer arrived a few weeks after submission and the customer was invited to the Authority for a focused presentation of the project including a discussion about the appropriate funding level. The outcome was successful and the company got the funding needed to finalize the project and take the innovation to market!

Example of Assignments

Please have an insight into a few of our previous cases. Due to confidentiality clauses we seldom publish client names but we have plenty of references upon request

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